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Document Module

The Document module is designed for professional Document Management in knowledge-intensive companies. It is particular valuable for companies working in highly regulated industries, like medical device. Empower your document workflow with review and approval processes, have full control over revisions, get rid og filestores, and find all document with one single search term. Simply make use of best practise document control.

Document Module

The Document Module enables collaborative knowledge sharing inside the R&D group, and also across departmental lines - sales, support, management etc. - and across business units.

Highstage manages all types of documents and files throughout the enterprise and may be used for standard file types (MS-Office), specialized file type, drawings, folders or even binaries.

Revision management

All documents in Higshtage are always under revision control. The number of revisions and sub-revisions for a document is unlimited, and the revision format is configurable. Users are never in doubt whether a document in Higshtage is the latest version or not - this is clearly flagged.

Review-Approve Cycle

Document workflows can help you automate your business processes, making them both more consistent and more efficient. The Review-Approval workflow lets you route documents and other items stored in Highstage to one or more people for their review or approval. A document workflow automatically routes the document, assigns relevant stakeholders. tracks their progress, and sends reminders and notifications when needed. The activity in a document flow can be monitored and adjusted from a document search page and with the full history of tracked events. Such document workflow saves you and your colleagues both time and trouble, and at the same time streamlines and standardizes your document approval process.


Highstage allows you to perform global searches across all documents (which you have authorized access to). In addition, Highstage will search through your other modules in the same search (Action, Parts, etc.). It can also do file content search.

Another way to find your information is to filter, by setting search criterias on the meta data that you desire. 

Templates and Automatic document content

Highstage allows for extensive use of templates and metadata. Each document type (minutes of meeting, design review, contract, etc.) can have its own reversion-controlled templates. Every time a new document is created, Highstage creates it from the latest approved template. This ensures consistent use of correct templates throughout the company - every time.

The document module has extended support for MS Office document where headers, footers or other metadata fields can be updated automatically, to avoid discrepancies between the document and Highstage caused by (lack of) typing or typing errors. 

Only documents in Working state can be edited. Every time the document changes state (e.g. sent for Review) a PDF versions of the document is generated automatically and stored.  Consequently, each revision or sub-revision is always stored with the original files (e.g. .docx) and the PDF copy, both un-alterable.

File Formats and Structures

The Document module manages all types of documents and files throughout the company and may be used for Office documents, folders, software, electronic- and mechanical CAD etc. Documents are contained in an open file-server folder structure to be easily accessible by developers and development tools. All files can be managed directly from the File Explorer or the web interface by the users. The same security is applied both ways.

Logical references between documents may be done using references in Highstage. Physical references between documents may be done directly between physical files, an example software/firmware module may reference lower-level libraries (components) and mechanical assembly drawings may reference lower-level components like screw and bolts. Files can always be accessed by their own individual URL.

References may be done to the latest version for initial fast development (unlocked reference)  and later when a higher level of version management is required references may be locked to specific versions (locked reference).


Electronic signatures, Audit Track and Compliances

Avoid compliance-nightmares. All changes to data are stored, and a full audit-track event log is accessible for provisioned stakeholders. Extended authentication can be enabled for specific actions such as required by FDA CFR Part 11 and relevant ISO standards. With the extended authentication enabled, users must provide password every time they sign a document, in addition to declaring in what capacity they are signing.


The Highstage object model is built on a need-to-know basis. Information is only accessible for employers or partners which have exclusive access. However like the rest of Highstage, this is easily manageable, to fit your organisation. Security can be set centrally (Active Directory) to respect both deep and low organisation structures and their individual needs. 


The Highstage object model is built on a need-to-know basis. The solution meets legal requirements for sensitive information such as GDPR, in terms of access, storage and deletion. This is vital if you want to use Higshtage in your HR-department. Or if you need to document training records for ISO-purposes.

Usage of Highstage

Besides these highlighted features the Highstage Document modules include a wide array of other functions which can help most organizations sharing knowledge and streamlining their document workflows.

Highstage documemnt search


Why Choose Highstage Document Module

The Document Module should be chosen because of its:

  • Ability to grow out of Document Control - Highstage is unique in the way it can develop from a document control system to a complete corporate management system, e.g. PDM, PLM, etc.
  • Revision Control and Review-Approval process - So simple it will actually be done
  • Document Status - Get status of a document or a list of documents with a glimpse of an eye
  • Automated document content - Generate document content like headers and footers from Highstage.