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The Highstage concept prototype was originally developed by a team of engineers in a successful company in the Telecom industry in the nineties. Highstage was running as an in-house project management tool until it was commercialized in 2004. Since then Highstage has delivered Software for the device-industry all around Scandinavia and the Highstage familiy have grown considderable. Today Highstage is located in Østerbro, Denmark, where we live together with many other innovative businesses in the Symbion Science Park. The final Highstage product is consolidating of more than 20 years experience from more than 25 companies spanning several industries. 

The Team

Per Reider Ørke
Per Reider Ørke CEO, Marketing, Sales

Background from Energy and Medical Device. Represents Highstage in Norway, in addition to being your main contact point for inquiries in Highstage.

Sven Andersen
Sven Andersen Customer Onboarding

Sven is the founder and CEO of Highstage. Besides architecting Highstage, Sven has had the position of CTO, TPM, PM and Electronic Engineer in multiple companies around Scandinavia. If he doesn't know the answer, nobody does.

Stefan R. Jørgensen
Stefan R. Jørgensen Customer Development Manager

Daily works with Project management and development of Highstage. On a daily basis, Stefan tries to fill the gap between customer expectation and Highstage, both now and in the future.

Stefan Skau
Stefan Skau Customer Success Manager

Stefan governs the documentation and user guides at Highstage. Any Support request might also land in his mailbox. Besides these duties, Stefan likes to discuss graphic design, UI & UX matters.

Andrei Varga
Andrei Varga Software Engineer

Andrei does not just crunch code, he is also our expert on Cyber-security matters. MSc in Computer Science with a broad knowledge of mechanical keyboards and the most trendy CVE's

Jonas Breindahl
Jonas Breindahl Development Engineer

Jonas is our go-to guy for all types of coding assignments, he thrives with a good problem, finding bugs, and the right solution for the end-user. On a personal level, Jonas is an oracle in the world of board games and even judges Magic: The Gathering tournaments.

Mishaim Batool
Mishaim Batool Digital Marketing Specialist

Mishaim is a Digital Marketing Specialist, is pursuing a Master’s in Marketing and Analytics in Norway. Her experience with US firms and advanced studies make her a key asset for innovative marketing strategies and exceptional results.

Peter Tøttrup
Peter Tøttrup Chairman of the Board

Peter Assist Highstage as the chairman of the board together with various management tasks for Highstage.

Rolf Østergaard
Rolf Østergaard Member of the Board

Member of the Highstage Board helps with various management tasks.

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