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Device Module

The Device module extends Highstage into the operational phase of the life of a product. It can be used to manage all your shipped devices, or to communicate with your installed devices. It can also be used internally to manage the operational history of devices, or e.g. the customer complaint processes.

The Highstage Device Module manages and documents device configurations as they are built, shipped, installed, operated and maintained. Devices are built according to an approved/release part (MasterPart), thereby giving both a “where used” for product designs, and the master part design for delivered devices.

The Design Module can be used to track serial number items, lots and batches. It also supports device assemblies. Each device has a lifecycle and can store documents and other data throughout its lifecycle, such as service reports, calibration certificates, customers complaints, IOT log data, etc.

Device traceability

Highstage can be set up to manage serial numbers/lots/batches for produced and shipped devices. This enables traceability from design (where used) and from device (how designed). 

Integration with ERP/MRP

With an integration with the company's ERP/MRP system, Highstage can manage the technical parts of managing the devices, while the ERP system is managing the transactions (finances, invoicing, etc.). A good integration can streamline the efficiency of the company and leave a positive impact with the clients. 

Involving the supply chain

Highstage offers several ways to integrate with suppliers and manufacturers. One way is to synchronize serial/batch numbers during/after production. 

Other solutions involve having Highstage provide manufacturing documentation via a self-service Highstage supplier portal.

Configuration management

The Highstage Part Module can be used to design a configurable part assemply. I.e. options and alternatives can be designed into the part assembly, and rules on how they can be used. This allows for configuration capability for each new manufacturing/assembly/procurement job, hense enabling a multitude of potential variants from only one configurable main part. The manufacturing manager can then order production of 100 units from a specific configuration. All is of course traceable.

Webshop configurator

Given the configurable part assembly above, some of the configurations can be reserved for the product managers, while some are open for web shop users, like colour, accessories, etc.Highstage can power a back-end to a webshop, maintaining all configuration rules, and making sure only allowed configurations can be procured.

Assembly control with Bar-code or QR-code scanners

Every part or sub-assembly can have machine readable codes generated. These can carry e.g. serial numbers and part definition with revision. It is then possible to make a high-quality assembly line where vital components are scanned when assembled into the product. This will both document the manufacturing, but it will also enable traceability of sub-components within a delivery. Full manufacturing logs can be generated afterwards, 

As-built over time

For devices comprising one or more sub-devices, Higshtage can be used to keep track of where any sub-device is at any time. For a complex delivery, a sub-device can be an expensive, serviceable component (e.g. a gear). If this gear is replaced with a overhauled gear and returned to the service workshop, Highstage will keep track of the history of  both the returned gear and the overhauled gear. Combined with e.g. QR-codes, this is an easy way to keep track of the configuration of all delived devices at any time.

Maintenance system

 Higshtage will soon provide a maintenance system on top of the Device Module. The mainenance system will offer condition based maintance planning and execution. Trigger like data, periode, running hours etc. is defined per serviceable part, and maintenance plans are then generated for a set of devices. 
Execution of service is logged back to the same system, providing a comprensive maitenance suite.