Most of our customers do electronics, as their main product or as part of their products. As Highstage was originally designed for the electronics industry, you'll find the perfect fit to use Highstage in your Electronic development projects. But more that that; with Highstage you can integrate all product BOM elements into a Product Complete BOM, taking control over mechanical and software components as part of the product.

Features for Electronics

Work with your electronics development in a native an intuitive way.

100% BOM Control

Get 100% control over your BOM's with the Highstage Part module. Build your BOM, or import from your ECAD, and get full revision control.

Manage the full product

Manage not only ECA-D but also M-CAD, SW and documents in the same BOM structure. Release the product bottom-up, including all elements from all sources. Let the organization have full insight into all disciplines and the Project Manager has a full overview of the complete product progress.


Manage your variants

Re-use your base design in as many product variants as you like. The strong reference feature of Highstage guarrantees stable products in a changing world.

E-CAD integration

The interface between Hightage PLM and OrCAD/Allegro CIP enables customers to take 100% control over their BOM's for the products and product variants. BOM's can be created in Highstage directly, or synced from OrCAD/Allegro to enable full revision control and product management.

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How Develco Products conquerred BOM hell

Experiencing a large growth, we were more and more exposed to the risk of mixing up BOM's for all our parts and variants. We realized that Excel could no longer give us the level of confidence that we needed, and searched the market for a solution. Norcad, our ECAD supplier, pointed us in direction of Highstage, which has proven great in getting a strong grip on our BOM's and revision control.

Highstage has proven great in getting a strong grip on our BOM's and revision control.
Joakim Jørgensen, Develco Products

Other features

Full control for the project manager

The Action module will enable the project manager to not only get 100% control over the product being the developed, but also over the development process, the tasks, the document production, and how it is all carried to.

See how the Action Module can empower the project managers

Full control on delivered units

The Highstage Device module can be used to track manufactures and delivered serial numbers/lot numbers/batch numbers. 

This creates new capabilities, like tracability from units installed in the field back to product release design. Or to store life cycle information (service reports, running logs, etc.) for delivered products on each serial number. 

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