Highstage as a solution

We have seen the problem for over 20 years, and we know how to solve it

Made by engineers for engineers

PDM/PLM systems are quite different in background and complexity. Some systems originate from the aerospace industry, some from the automotive industry, others from mechanical construction, just to give a few examples. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses, and each and every system including Highstage will be considered a bad choice from some perspective. Highstage originates from small and medium size companies in the high-tech device industry where flat multi-discipline organizations create and maintains complex IP structures with full traceability. Highstage supports the business all the way from idea screening, throughout product development, sales, production, delivery, support and beyond. Highstage is designed by engineers, for engineers, and the development of Highstage has been driven by technical project management with the focus on efficiency and engineering user friendliness.

Rock solid
Focus on efficiency
Built for the entire company

Made with the company in mind

The use of Highstage is not restricted to engineers. Typically, all functions in the company uses Highstage including Management, R&D, Sales, Production, Customer-support etc., basically any function that requires efficiency and compliance to quality management systems will benefit from Highstage. Highstage design goal is that each and every employee gets much more energy back from Highstage than the user puts into Highstage, the goal has been to make Highstage more or less “self-implementing” in the organization with minimum need of education.

Our customer’s products typically contain a combination of

Built to last

Frequently Highstage supports new business startups from an early stage with very few employees, throughout exit (anywhere from approx. 25 employees up to almost one thousand employees) and beyond supporting the business unit in the larger business group, the new owners. Highstage was originally developed as an in-house proprietary system. Highstage was commercialized in 2004. Today Highstage has 20+ customer installation base with over 10000+ man-years use.


Highstage is optimized for small and medium size companies in the high-tech device industry and has the following key benefits:

Short implementation time
High user acceptance throughout the organization
Very good return on investment