The Solution

A good PDM/PLM that fits your organization as hand/glove will change the situation dramatically. It will revolutionize your business processes through “automation” and transparency.

Gartner case studies

Case studies of Gartner on PDM system implementations indicate significant improvements on product development process parameters like:

Improved time-to-market
Transparent businesses processes for managers
Better decisions making
Improved prioritizing and follow-up.
Quality-audits level all the time

Audit-ready anytime

Quality-audits are welcome at any time since high-quality business process base-data is available in real-time and since business processes easily may be improved “on-the-fly” whenever required.

A better work environment

Also the employees are pleased to get a tool that gives them better working conditions and enables them to do a better job in shorter time. They can focus on the challenges that attracted them in the first place; for talented R&D people this typically means using their competencies and creativity to bring new technologies and products to the market, and not which often is the case spend most of their time for administrative tasks, meetings, discussing/solving problems etc. which could and should have been avoided in the first place. In addition, they can cut overtime hours and reduce risks of burn-out etc. All these “benefits” will increase the employee’s life-quality and the satisfaction with their employer. A PDM/PLM system provides a profitable solution to scale the performance of these limited resources through business process automation and transparency.


Business system issues are seen by many as an expensive corner and risky due to many failures in the past and it may seem safer to do nothing. However, from time to time you may experience a good attempt to improve the situation, but there will typically be resistance from various parts of the organization for various reasons, and the risk is high that the attempt to improve situation fails or takes long time so that reprioritizing and lack of funding stops the attempt.

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