Testimonials from a Customer

Basically Highstage works as a data management level for the entire organization, and in combination with existent IT infrastructure where Highstage combines all together or as stand-alone. We have added a number of extra features, such as a Statistics Module for gathering and analyze of data from test systems in our production, Supply Chain link to our biggest customers and suppliers, Dynamics-AX Viewer for non-Dynamics-AX users.


  • Extreme improvement of efficiency in the entire organization
  • We have all documents in one place – and they are super easy to find
  • All documents are cross-linked automatically to projects, ISO, quality manual, management, engineering, etc.
  • ISO and other audits is very smooth, easy and fast
  • No need for education
  • Implementation is super easy
  • Company can run with fewer employees
  • Extreme high level of recycle of data (BOMs, documents, workflow instructions, etc.)
  • Control of all product data (PDM workflow)
    • BOMs are cross-linked, documents and sub documents are cross-linked
    • all datasheets and specifications down to the single component are linked and is inside the platform
  • One single purchaser can handle purchase volume of more than DKK 100 mio.
  • Highstage easily guides the users through the workflows – Etc.:
    • Action Module handles Non-Conformity reports through the right staff
    • Projects are executed through the decided plan
    • Change Orders is easily executed and they will not get lost

Combilent is offering RF coverage enhancement products and solutions - including combiners, filters, front-ends, TMAs / TTAs and coverage components for the wireless industry globally with primary focus on the TETRA, P25 and dMR markets.

The benefits are endless. The argument that you don’t have the time to implement Highstage and to understand the values form the platform, is something that needs to be challenged. It is without doubt the best management system on the market.
Claus Dall Hansen (CEO and co-founder, Combilent A/S)