The Highstage system

Highstage make use of the well-proven Web-App technologies there utilize a simple Cleint-server structure. This fact enable most modern devices to be able to connect and use Highstage without any expensive purchases of hardware.

Server technology

Highstage server is built on long term durable Microsoft technologies (ASP.NET/C#, prerequisites are MS Window, IIS, SQL-server) and provides a framework to fill holes (missing functionality) in existing business systems and a platform for business-driven intranet portals. HighStage reuses security mechanism in Windows and permissions are set through NTFS/Active-Directory, typically permissions are set on department, project or cost-center, using existing users and user-groups.

Client technology

The Highstage client is a thin web XHTML application with a userfriendly UI that works cross browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE) on all major platforms (Windows, OS X and Linux). The Highstage framework make use of populair and stable technologies such as JS and WEBDAV, this enable fast and stable useage no matter if the client is located in high latency locations or the LAN