Features of Highstage


Highstage is specifically designed for ease of use. Focus has been on user friendliness, data security and 100% traceability; all events are stored in event-log. Highstage is a robust, high performance application with excellent scalability and supports multi-site, multi-business-unit, supply-chain and complies to FDA 21-CFR-Part-11.


Provides simplified Stage-Gate® processes ( for managing activities like projects, products, requirements, features, bugs, customer-support etc. Actions may be customized to the business needs and may be hierarchical, for example a customer-support action may reference a bug action or a project may reference a sub-project etc. Actions support iterative product development methods as well as ‘water-fall’, and a mix of these. Managers get online monitoring of all activities throughout the enterprise and are able to make better decisions, prioritizing and follow-up. Employees get easy and fast access to activities by relevance for example through My actions which lists personal activities in priority order.


Manage all types of documents and files throughout the enterprise and may be used for MS-Office documents, folders, firmware, software, electronic- and mechanical CAD etc. Documents are contained in an open file-server folder-structure (not stored in database) to be easily accessible by developers and development tools. Logical references between documents may be done using references in Highstage. Physical references between documents may be done directly between physical files, as example software/firmware modules may include libraries from lower level modules (components) and mechanical assembly drawings may reference lower level mechanical components like screws and bolts. References may be done to latest version for initial fast development and later when higher level of version management is required references may be locked to specific versions. Developers will appreciate the open architecture of the document manager; documents may be explored using file explorer. Highstage manages templates, simplifies the review and approval process and keeps track of all document revisions. MS-Office document properties and headers are updated automatically and PDF renditions are generated automatically by the server.


Manage all parts from complete products and supporting systems down to screws and bolts etc. Part inherit from Document and adds functionality required for Product Data Management (PDM). Highstage prevents circular references and a reference may be static locked to a specific version or dynamic pointing to latest approved version. Part provide product structures that include all product-data like product sheets, specifications, design, documentation, BOM, instructions, test-specifications, product-sheets, manuals etc. The Highstage Export and ability to provide secure access for customers and suppliers makes Highstage is a very powerful tool in the sourcing process.


Manages and documents device configurations as they as build, installed and maintained. Devices are build according to their master part structure.